Social Email Functionality Guide

Basic Profile Post

Creates a basic profile post with text from the subject and body of the email. Any Attachments will be posted as well. You can use the subject and body or just one of them to compose a new post. Attaching a file to the email will create a content post. Attachment size is limited to 7mb.

Group Post - #group 

Creates a chatter post in a specified group by adding "#group Group Name" to the email subject. Group name is not case sensitive.

Join Group - #join

Join to a chatter group specified in the subject.

Create Group - #create

Crate a chatter group, subject will be used as the name and the body will become the group description.

Add Group Member - #add

Add a member to a chatter group.

Post On Other User Profile - #user

Post on another users profile.

Follow User - #follow

Follow a user with a subject "#follow UserEmail".

New User - #newUser

Create a new user. Before using this feature, create a provisioning record and specify what profile and licence the new users will be assigned to.

Record Post - #account, #opportunity, #lead, #case, etc...

Post on a record, this can be a standard or custom object record.

Follow Record - #follow ObjectName

Follow a record with a subject "#follow ObjectName FieldValue" where object name is Account, Contact, Lead, etc... and field value is the name of the account, contact email, case number, etc...

Forward HTML Emails as File Posts - #forward

Forward email conversations and content heavy emails to chatter where they will be converted into content and you will be able to use universal search to find keywords in these files. The subject will be used as the file name.