Mobile Apps in the Enterprise World

Mobile application development for the enterprise world, here are few tips, lessons learned: 

- With Bring your own device (BYOD) policies across many enterprises nowadays it is very important to be able to cater for most popular platform out there like iOS and Android, If you do not have the team or resource for native development i.e. building apps for each platform separately then Hybrid or Web App approach is the way to go that will allow people with existing web development skills build cross platform mobile apps.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Backbone

Cross-platform mobile development has traditionally meant dedicating teams and resources to native platform development. Now, however, there is a growing number of tools and frameworks that streamline cross-platform development, making it possible for small teams or even a single developer to create amazing apps that run on all major mobile devices. At a high level, there are couple ways to approach cross-platform mobile development with technologies like web, hybrid, interpretation and cross compilation. This article explores web and hybrid development where Javascript handles application logic and data binding.