Salesforce Integration

Extend Salesforce and improve the flow of information across your organisation’?

Solution Rock can help you integrate Salesforce with other key systems to streamline business processes, increase efficiency and improve the flow of information across your organisation.

We can help you eliminate 'silos of information' enabling you to quickly and effectively share data between systems, making data visible, accurate and up-to-date wherever it is accessed by your users.

Using the cloud-based Salesforce and the platform dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk previously associated with systems integration.

By leveraging new technologies including Web services, multitenant architectures, APIs and an extensive integration partner ecosystem Solution Rock can help you integrate Salesforce in a variety of ways:

  • Website (Web-to-lead)

Capture leads directly into Salesforce from your website; allow customer registration; on-line shopping transactions and much more.

  • Mobile Integration

Salesforce mobile provides instant access to data stored within Salesforce no matter where you are.  Review account details, view dashboards, access custom VisualForce mobile pages, respond to leads and manage field service requests via Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices.

  • Social CRM Integration

Use the Social Contacts feature to view social profiles and activities of Salesforce contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Published profile information can provide a greater understanding of customers interests and needs all within a single click, without having to leave the Salesforce environment.

  • Act-On Marketing Automation

Advanced marketing automation capabilities fully integrated with Salesforce, Act-On provides a suite of tools for marketers to generate, qualify and score leads from multiple channels, automatically synchronising with Salesforce and routing sales-ready leads, and alerting lead owners in real time.

  • Accounting and back office systems

Update invoice and payment details between Salesforce and your accounting package such as Sage and FinancialForce, closing the loop between pre-sales and post-sales processes.

  • Microsoft Office

For the greatest sales impact and widest adoption of Salesforce you'll want integration with your everyday office productivity tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

  • Google Apps

Integrate your email, create documents, spread sheets and presentations online and collaborate in real time. Access your most important business information from a single page.

  • Google Adwords

Track leads and return on investment from your Google Adwords marketing directly into Salesforce. Gain complete visibility and control of your paid search marketing.

  • CTI Integration

Salesforce Call Centre Edition enables an organization to integrate their telephony solution to Salesforce to perform routine call centre functions such as screen pop ups, call transfers, and outbound dialling. Salesforce provides a toolkit to partners such as Cisco, Genesys, Envox, and Skype allowing those partners to build a seamless CTI interface within the Salesforce web experience.

  • Legacy system integration

You may have legacy systems within your organisation that you have invested in heavily which remain key to your operational requirements. Solution Rock can employ a variety of tools and methods to integrate your company's complex systems into one centralised, cloud-accessible platform.

If you are searching for a way to extend Salesforce and connect it with other cloud-based or on-premise business systems contact Solution Rock today.

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