Our Products

Formyoula Mobile forms

Replace clipboards & paper-based processes. Formyoula provides a way of easily collecting data from people in the field from a smartphone or tablet device.

Social Translate

Social Translate allows teams to collaborate in their native language by automatically translating Chatter posts, comments and Salesforce objects and records in their native language.


With Productive you can manage all your records from any object on one page with a simple drag and drop interface. You can sort and aggregate records into columns to have better visibility of your information on Salesforce.

Self Registration

Allow Salesforce and Chatter user self provisioning within your Salesforce org by adding a custom and secure registration process. Increase adoption within your existing org or build a new social community powered by Chatter.

Social Email

Social Email for Chatter enables you to collaborate on chatter from your email. Post status updates or files, join or create groups, follow people and objects, just to name a few features. Help your organisation to increase chatter adoption.

Update Any

Using simple record list filtering, select and update any field in your org. Large updates are processed trough Bulk API. Each filter supports up to 4 comma separated values.

Your Own Application

We support you developing Your own Salesforce.com App. We successfully developed and launched several applications, so contact us today!